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Buying Sayama cha

We are dealing with Sayama cha as well as many farmers in Sayama district.
If you get interested in a product, feel free to contact us. We are selling our Sayama cha in Urawa office(浦和事務所), so stop by freely.
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Name Content Price(tax included)
High class Sayama cha gift 80g * 2 pieces of can 2160 yen
the Highest class Sayama cha gift 86g * 2 pieces of can 3240 yen
Spring havested Sayama cha gift 92g * 2 pieces of can 5400 yen
High class Sayama cha gift 95g * 2 2160 yen
Highest class Sayama cha gift 96g * 2 3240 yen
For home and work place
Name Content Price(tax included)
Sayama cha 200g 648 yen
High class sayama cha 200g 1080 yen
Special Sayama cha 100g 864 yen
High class Sayama cha 100g 1080 yen
the highest class Sayama cha 100g 1620 yen
Spring harvested Sayama cha 100g 2160 yen
For business use, Sencha 1kg 2160 yen
Kona cha 500g 1080 yen
Special kona cha 200g 1080 yen
Name Content Price(tax included)
Houji cha 100g 324 yen
Brown rice tea with Matcha 100g 540 yen
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