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The present situation of Sayama cha

The current tea industry in Saitama Prefecture did not have much momentum in the era when it was once at its height, but many producers and tea merchants still pass on the charm of Sayama tea.

Tea cultivation area and Aracha production in Saitama Prefecture in recent years
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Cultivation area  970  960  960  890  875
Aracha production  741  700  641  652  850
※Cultivation area(ha) Aracha production(t)

The speices of tea
Currently, Saitama Prefecture is working on tea making mainly with the following varieties.

Sayam kaori
(the Saitama tea research institute s46)

Yabukita (静岡県茶業試験場 昭和28年育成)

Fukumidori (the Saitama tea research institute s61)

Hokumei (the Saitama tea research institute H4)

Musashi kaori (the Saitama tea research institute H9)

Sai no Midori (埼玉県農総研茶業特産研究所 h15)

Yume wakaba (埼玉県農総研茶業特産研究所 h18)

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