the Saitama green tea association

Effects of green tea

Tea contains the following ingredients and is recognized for its health benefits:
  1. Tannins and catechins
    1. Anti-carcinogenic effect
    2. antioxidant effect
    3. Antibacterial action
    4. Blood cholesterol lowering effect
    5. Antihypertensive effect
  2. C Vitamins
    1. Inhibition of melanin pigment formation
    2. Oxidation control
    3. Reinfocement of Resistance
  3. B vitamins
    1. Carbohydrate metabolism support
    2. Promotion of digestive juice secretion
    3. Mucosal protection
  4. Flavonol
    1. Bad breath prevention
    2. Strengthening of blood vessel wall
  5. Fluorine
    1. Caries prevention
  6. Other various ingredients(Caffeine, γ-aminobutyric acid, etc.)
Research results have been published that show that fibers contained in tea have the effect of promoting the release of dioxin from the body.

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