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How to make good tea?

The key to drinking delicious tea is to boil the hot water sufficiently and pay attention to the temperature of the hot water depending on the type of tea.

Fragrance for Shincha
Shincha is a soft sprout that harvested earlier in the summer, so the fresh scent disappears at once with boiling water.
Cool the hot water to about 70 degrees, pour a lot of tea leaves into the teapot gently, and leave it for about 40 to 50 seconds.

Taste for Sencha
For Sencha, the taste is critical. Boiled water is not good. Pour more tea leaves into the bowl for about 20 to 30 seconds and pour until the last drop.

Long steamed tea
You can enjoy the deep and fullbodied taste at long steamed tea compared to Sencha. you have to drop immediately after pour hot water into pot.

Bancha, Hojicha
It is important that pour boiled water into pot and soak in a short time for making Bancha or Hojicha.

Eating tea
Green tea is used in various dishes, such as tea rice, tofu, tsukudani, and wasabi.
While enjoying the flavor of tea, you can ingest healthy ingredients (contained in green tea) that cannot be obtained by drinking alone.

For more professional making

①Add hot water to the teapot.
②Put an appropriate amount of hot water from a pot into a bowl and cool the water for drinking
③Rinse the teapot and put the tea leaves in the teapot.
④Put cold water in a teapot. Wait for the tea leaves to open.
⑤Add the tea to a uniform thickness and squeeze to the last drop.

Types Number of people Amount of tea leaves Temperature of water Amount of water Extraction time per one person
Shincha 6g 70℃ 180ml 50sec. 50ml
Sencha 70 180 120 50
Long steamed tea 70 180 30 50
Sencha(Economical type) 90 270 60 80
Long steamed tea(Economical type) 80 270 40 80
Ban cha Boiled 390 30 120
Hojicha Boiled 390 30 120

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